Venue Seating Configurations

The layout of your venue hall is an important consideration for the success of your event and will impact on your guests enjoyment of the proceedings and indeed on how they perceive the success of your event.

Our in house planner will guide you to help you decide on the layout plan for your event. We have a number of venues who’s layout and decor can be tailored to your function’s requirements.

The nature of your event will to a large degree dictate the layout of the event hall.

Flexible Hall Layout Options


Our Grand Hall and Intimate halls can be configured in the following manner:

Traditional Seating options include


Theatre Style Seating

Chairs are arranged in either a large semi circle or straight lines facing a staging area with corridors ever X number of chairs to facilitate egress. This seating arrangement is commonly used for conferences, presewntations, annual company meetings, product launches, displays, training sessions, lectures and performances.

Classroom Style

We can include square or rectangular tables enabling attendees to take notes, sit exams or for interactive use of computers etc

Cabaret Style

This style requires the deployment of circular banquet tables with seating occupying slightly more than half of the table enabling attendees to both eat and watch a performance or presentation. This seating arrangement is ideal fir lunches, award evenings, workshops or conferences where food is served.


Our grand Hall can cater for up to 400 guests seating in this configuration featuring a number fo large circular tables with chairs arranged around the table. This arrangement is ideal for weddings or formal banquets with passive entertainment.

Boardroom or Hollow Square

Tables are arranged inwards to form a square or rectangle with participants arranged along the outside perimeter of facing an inward presenter or entertainer. Ideal for conferences, intimate conference and brainstorming sessions.

U-Shape or Horse Shoe

This enables delegates seated along the perimeter to face a central location which allows a presenter, teacher or instructor to conduct the session. This seating arrangement is ideal for presentations, interactive sessions, smaller conferences, debates and brain storming sessions.

Standing Cocktail

This arrangement enables organisers to set up many smaller circular tables dotted throughout the venues enabling people to stop and interact with each other or with organisers. This arranging is perfect for events requiring the attendance of many delegates where finger food or cocktails are served while attending a presentation or speech.

Flexible Hall Layout Options