Alternative Seating Options

A number of alternative venue layout options are available for our Grand Hall, intimate hall as well as our outdoor reception areas.

Flexible Hall Layout Options


Table Clusters

These are ideal for less formal cocktail or high top tables and ad-hock seating enabling attendees to mingle, sit or stand. This arrangement is perfect for product launches or events where a short speech or presentation is offered without guests expecting to become too comfortable. Ideals also for cocktail evenings, network events and short performances.

Herringbone, “V” or Chevron

This style can be incorporated into a mixture of classroom or theatre style seating affording attendees to sit staggered but angled towards a central point or stage while enabling guests a better view and also the ability to interact with each other.

This arrangement is ideal for workshops, conferences, interactive meetings, product launches performances and training sessions.


This type of seating arrangement enables more guests to be packed into a avenue and involves rectangular tables placed end to end with attendees placed on either side. This arrangement also encourages guests to interact more with the person alongside as well as the person seated in front of them.

Ideal for large receptions, events centred around food, networking or group activities requiring table space. It is also ideal for large weddings.


Perfect for fashion events or events requiring a long but narrow presentation area with delegated seated in rows either side of the stage or runway. This layout is also ideal for product presentations, product launches and displays.


In this formation tables are arranged in a large X shape enabling delegates to interact with each other. A circular table can be placed in the centre which could contain decorations, a fruit display cake etc. This style is ideal for weddings, ,meetings, and conferences etc.

Lounges & Mixed Cocktail

Will Chris Estate is also able to set up lounging areas as well high tables either inside or outside the formal venues. This arrangement is ideal for wedding guests expected to wait for the couple while they take photographs or as people gather for a formal or informal presentation. This arrangement enables people to mingle and interact freely with each other.


Alternative Venue Layout Options